Outside Betting In Roulette - Is it Really Profitable?

Roulette rules for the casino are different from those for the home Roulette game. Roulette is played with a deck of cards, similar to the cards in a poker game. A wheel and ball are then placed on the table with 36 numbered cards; the first number, which represents the first card in the deck, is always a zero. The board is then divided into black and red squares. On the roulette table, the croupier launches black balls toward the winning number on the wheel until someone knocks them off. If there are no balls landing on the winning number, the wheel is "rowned."

In roulette, the layout is not constant. The wheel may be rolled many times before a winner is found, depending on the rules of the Roulette table used. The layout of most casinos are similar, but the variations are vast. The Internet provides several online roulette websites where you can learn the rules, place a bet, and review the current odds.

A variation on the traditional Roulette theme is the Special Roulette Game. This version has an advantage because it uses numbers that are commonly picked by players in regular Roulette. Thus, if you pick "00" or "00+", it is quite possible that someone else in the casino will pick them as well, and win the pot. However, it is possible that no one will match the winning numbers, so the Special Roulette Game is not a true fair game.

The American Roulette Rules for the double zero is almost the same as the European Rules. It is basically the same as the double zero, the only difference being the initial bet requirement of $0.00. The initial bets in the American version are only half a dollar, and they turn up in Multiples of One, Multiples of Threes, and Multiples of Fours. This makes the American version less predictable than its European counterpart.

In most casinos, the minimum guaranteed winnings are thirty five dollars. However, the minimum guaranteed jackpot is much lower in some casinos. For example, in Hollywood Casino, they will give you a maximum of seventy dollars if you win your hand. The low minimum jackpots are probably a result of the smaller number of players playing in the casino.

As you can see, playing roulette with the help of outside bets is quite profitable. Make sure that you only use your "lucky stars" in playing roulette. Do not let anyone tell you what to bet or how much to bet. Just play according to the Roulette odds and the Roulette system, and you will be all right in the end.